Offshore Banking

We are pleased to be able to make introductions for our clients for corporate or personal bank accounts, to be opened in various offshore locations.

In particular, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Mauritius, Cyprus, UAE & UK .

The Majority of our banking facilities provide a choice of credit, debit, or pre-payed cards, telephone banking and of course secure on-line banking.

Offshore Bank Accounts

Our Offshore Corporate Bank accounts, are ideal if you are trading Worldwide.

After the banking crisis of the last few years, it is important that our clients have peace of mind that their bank and funds are secure. Whilst we cannot give guarantees we can assure our clients that the private banks we deal with are not ‘speculators’ and take their responsibilities seriously.

In addition, and unlike most Fiduciary and Trust  service providers, we encourage our clients to be sole signatories on their accounts, giving you total control and access.

We are happy to discuss your specific requirements, and tailor the structure and bank account to your needs .

Please call for a free and confidential consultation, with no obligation.

The majority of our Offshore banks offer the following services:

  • Multi-currency account options
  • Dedicated multilingual customer services teams
  • Choice of credit and debit cards
  • Secure on-line banking facilities
  • SMS notification service
  • Fixed term deposit options
  • Escrow Services
  • Forex and commodity trading services
  • Employees corporate payment system by card
  • Tailor made investment solutions
  • Gold and precious metal investment services

Looking for Non-Reporting Banks?

We have banking options which are currently non-reporting under the Automatic Exchange of Information!