Financial Services

The Offshore Consultants are able to offer the following financial services via our extensive Group:

International Personal Banking Facilities:

Not all clients need or want an IBC or offshore company to operate or protect their assets through – some simply require an offshore personal account.  Our Group is able to make introductions to banks in many countries around the world.

In the majority of cases, the applicant does not need to travel, as we can take care of everything.

Fees range from £500 to £850 depending on the bank chosen, whether a lawyer has to be involved or if there are notary fees etc.

All our banks provide internet and telephone banking, multi-currency accounts and usually a choice of Visa or MasterCard.

International Business Banking Facilities:

The majority of our 1000 plus clients operate efficiently via international IBCs or offshore companies – all with corporate banking facilities.

The majority of our banking options provide internet and telephone banking, multi-currency accounts and usually a choice of Visa or MasterCard.

Private Banking and Wealth Management:

Working with Ex-International Bank Managers, our clients have the facility to discuss their wealth management needs with a specialist.  The team will look at their current portfolios and carry out performance tests against comparison portfolios – and if our clients wish – move the portfolio to gain greater advantages.

Brokerage Account Introduction:

Our Team are able to introduce you to offshore/international brokerage firms with proven track records of achieving excellent trades for their clients.

Accounts can be opened and maintained by client’s international/offshore companies.

Prepaid Debit Cards – Corporate:

If you have a UK, EU or company offshore, and bank account, but no card facilities – we can help.

We are approved introducers for a number of International Pre-Paid card suppliers.  All cards are Visa or MasterCard and can be used anywhere in the world.

Excellent Forex Facilities:

If you are the sort of business person that moves money around the world in various currencies and you are constantly looking for a decent currency exchange rate, with low fees, and totally trustworthy – then we can help.

Pension Transfer – QROPS:

Do you have a QROPS?… A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, that you wish to transfer as you do not feel that it is performing to its best?  Or are you a UK resident moving abroad and wish to move your pension into a QROPS?

Out expert team can help.

Personal Loan or Mortgage referral:

Introductions to many offshore and on-shore banks mean that our Team of financial experts can search the best options available for you for a personal loan, mortgage or equity release.  Send us an email with your requirements and our Team will analyse the various options and present you with the best.

Yacht or Aircraft Finance:

Yacht, Ship or Aircraft financing is a specialized field and our team are able to make the correct introductions for you with our international banks and experienced brokers.

Project Finance Introductions:

Do you have a project that you require financing for – a new building development, or business idea that requires funding.  Our connections in the financial and offshore world mean that our Team have a number of avenues that may attract funding for your project.  Send us an email outlining your project and its financial requirements and our team will look at it for you and advise if they can help.  No obligation – totally confidential.

Life Insurance, Key Man Insurance and Health cover:

Many of our clients are self employed, working overseas, some in dangerous jobs and many of them need insurance, and health cover – we can quote for the best options available.

Tax Advice and assistance with Tax Investigations:

The Offshore Consultants do NOT give tax advice – however, we do work closely with Chartered Accountants, ex-HMRC specialists and Tax Barristers, who are all able to give you structured  tax advice, or to assist and handle any tax enquiry or investigation that may be focused on you.  Do not try and tackle any tax investigation on your own as you could make your situation worse… our team can make them better…  talk to us in confidence about how our experts can help you.