Corporate Services

Offshore and On-Shore Company Incorporations:

We are able to incorporate companies in most jurisdictions, although in practical terms we find our preferred jurisdictions fulfil most requirements. Most companies can be set up without delay and can be trading within a short while. Please see Jurisdictions for more details, although we are happy to advise as a client may not know which is the best jurisdiction for their purposes.

Nominee Services:

We provide full Nominee Services for all jurisdictions. This has the essential benefit of allowing the Beneficial Owner to remain protected and confidential, whilst they hold all of the private documentation necessary to give them undisputed ownership and control of their company and finances.

Nominee Services are essential to provide full anonymity.

We provide:

  • Nominee Shareholders
  • Nominee Directors
  • Nominee Company Secretary

Registered Office and Company Administration:

We provide full registered office facilities and annual administration of your company, including preparation of all board minutes, resolutions and annual filings.

Correspondence Address:

We are able to offer a full mailing address service via our Gibraltar or UK offices.

Bank Accounts Offshore Company accounts:

As mentioned in the previous section we offer numerous offshore banking options with credit/debit card facilities, and secure on-line banking facilities.

In these days of uncertainty surrounding banks and their poor trading records over recent years, we assure clients that our banks offer stable and secure, confidential banking. They are in the main private banks, with international standing and excellent partnerships with correspondent banks across the world.

As part of our structure to protect our clients anonymity, we recommend clients’ offshore companies are located in a different jurisdiction to the placing of the bank account.

Placing of the account is dependent on a number of factors including the jurisdiction, business activities, the Beneficial Owner’s country of residence, Facilities required and compliance procedures and will require further discussion with our team. Please telephone: 0870 116 1156 or Email: for further assitance.