Contractor Services for Self Employed Persons

Contractor Services For Self Employed Persons

Are you a self employed person working for an agency, in the UK or EU but would like the majority of your funds to be paid overseas?

Are you an IT Consultant, or Oil and Gas Consultant or someone who simply has to be paid via a UK company/bank account for IR35 reasons, but is sick of the expense and time required to operate via your own UK ltd company?

Do you want to reduce your tax burden?

Our Group and associates can provide a full Contractor Service, which includes:

  • Your time sheets processed into invoices and your employer/agency invoiced for payment to an IOM or UK company bank account.
  • Your services covered by contract for IR35 compliance.
  • The majority (96%) of your income and expenses forwarded to an account of your choosing, including overseas company accounts for efficient planning.
  • The formation of efficient offshore company, with full Nominees to give you greater confidentiality.
  • You will have full access by internet banking, telephone banking and Visa or MasterCard to your overseas company account.
  • NO requirement for you to run and maintain your own UK Ltd company.
  • NO requirement to raise your own invoices.
  • NO requirement for bookkeeping.


The Set Up Fees

Contractor Service admin charge.                                                                                                  £200

Formation of efficient offshore company and banking facility

With Nominees to provide anonymity.                                                                                         £995

Total Set Up:                                                                                                                                       £1195

Ongoing Fees per invoice raised:                                                                                                    4%

Plus bank transfer fees for each transmitted payment.

Resulting in 96% of your income paid.


Do You Have Any Queries?

Please phone us on 0870 115 1156, 01924 479130 or 00350 200 77779 on send us a request by email for further details and a confidential chat.