Anonymous Beneficial Ownership

It is legal and sensible to arrange one’s affairs to minimize the tax you pay. And with the correct offshore structures and our ‘hand holding’ service we can ensure that most offshore transactions have no or very low tax implications.

Our full package offshore structures rely on the use of overseas nominees to protect your identity as Beneficial Owner without compromising the efficiency of the company to run its day to day affairs.

The reason for Nominees is simple; in most countries/jurisdictions the Companies Registry is a public office and the files are available for anyone to inspect for a small fee. These files list only the directors, secretary and shareholders – NOT THE BENEFICIAL OWNER (in some jurisdictions not even the directors are shown).

One of the most frequently asked questions is – “How do I know that you are not going to run off with my money or property?” The answer is simple – we have no access to your bank accounts and your rights as beneficial owners are protected by confidential paperwork proving your ownership.

Common sense dictates that the Beneficial Owner should not be the director or named shareholders in their own company, for the sake of anonymity.

In black and white terms…. If a director of an Offshore Company resides in the UK, he might be seen to be creating an agency for the company and give the rise to a proper charge on the company for UK tax on profits made for the company by that person. In other words – he may be liable for tax on the profits of the company.

It follows then that the management/administration should be resident in a tax free environment and to this end the nominees are domiciled in other tax efficient jurisdictions.

Having made the official declaration that the company is Non-Resident, i.e. that the central management, control and all trading takes place outside the jurisdiction in question, the company is then only liable for annual duty. This is regardless of the profit it makes!

Generally no annual accounts need to be filed, although recent changes have stated that a basic balance sheet be filed per annum in most jurisdictions.

The Offshore Consultants provide all of the services you may need – including:

  • Introduction of offshore bank accounts with credit/debit card and on-line facilities.
  • Registered Office and Registered Agent
  • Nominee Directors and Secretary services
  • Trustee/Nominee Shareholders
  • Dealing with authorities for payment of Duty
  • Sales and purchase ledger management