Merchant Facilities

We are now pleased to offer our clients a full and comprehensive merchant facility for their onshore, or offshore companies.

Many business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain, or maintain online payment facilities for their business, as many of the traditional EU providers have changed their criteria, adopting a much lower risk appetite than previously. Online sellers are struggling, particularly if their products are distributed by major international retailers, who now insist that distance sellers are voluntarily VAT registered.

If this is an issue for you, our experts can help.

Alternatively, if you already have a company that is incorporated within the EU, then we can assist with a merchant application for £500.

Our merchant solutions include the following:

New or startup businesses can profit significantly from our innovative merchant solutions developed to offer free use of several merchant account key features:

    • Payment page hosting
    • SSL-encryption for the payment page
    • Management of customers’ databases. The provider will manage access to content websites by emailing username and password to consumers as an access to content sites, thus leaving the merchant free to concentrate on developing his or her business
    • 24/7 professional payment support centre.
    • Cover eventual high-risk registration fees for the merchant and allow him or her to allocate the right resources to the business
    • Profit from all of the merchant account features
    • Multi-currency and multi-payment accounts
    • Risk management and fraud scrubbing

Please note some business activities are not accepted by the Provider and require clarification.