Gibraltar Resident Package

From £1,350, including: 

Company Formation: Our Gibraltar Limited company package includes all legal formation documents such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association, first minutes, declaration of trust and share certificate.

Full Nominees: We provide a full “managed” company service which includes the provision of a corporate nominee director, resident secretary and trustee shareholder. We also issue beneficial owners with a legal nominee services agreement.

Registered Office: A Gibraltar company requires a registered office located in the jurisdiction of incorporation.

Tax Identification Number: As part of the incorporation procedure we will deal with the obtaining of a TIN for your Gibraltar company. 


Additional Services: 

Offshore Bank Account Introduction: Our offshore bank accounts offer – Internet banking, telephone and fax banking, Visa debit and credit cards, multi currency accounts and sole signatory rights. All of the banks we currently work with within the EU and outside are all A rated and operate with high liquidity.

“Hot Desk Facility”: In order to obtain a Trade License in Gibraltar, which a “Resident Company” must have, the company needs have its own physical trading address in Gibraltar. As offices are in high demand, and prices high, many clients are now opting for a “hot desk facility” where they have access to an shared desk within an office facility. This is something we can assist with.

Trade License Application and renewals: To become a “Resident Company” in Gibraltar you must first obtain a trade license, which is renewed annually. For an additional fee, we can assist with the application for this trade license and the annual renewal, which is ideal for clients who are not permanently based in Gibraltar.


Company Renewals: 

Companies must be renewed annually, to maintain good standing and to renew the registered office and nominees services. This will be charged on the anniversary of incorporation each year, until the company is struck off.

For package companies, we charge a packaged renewal each year to maintain the company.  Please feel free to ask us about these annual renewals in more detail.