About Us

Our Chairman and founders’ background is mainly in property and land development and is actually a Chartered Surveyor by profession. Our experiences in the offshore world have all been attained personally, as our key personnel have all had their own profitable businesses.

 ”Our team are able to chat on a one to one basis with our clients, rather than dictate scripted, unfounded or un-challenged structures. Our team are here to help discuss your business problems both on-shore and offshore. We can then draw from our personal business experiences to advise you of the possible ways forward.

We are not Accountants or Solicitors, and neither would we wish to be, as those backgrounds may restrict some of the structures that we can help you with. However, we do have at our disposal a vast array of internationally qualified accountants, lawyers, solicitors and professional people that we work closely with on a day-to-day basis.

We specialise in the incorporation of tax efficient offshore company structures, International Trusts and Foundations, provides anonymous and confidential offshore Nominee and Trustee services, inheritance tax planning, asset protection, liability protection and the introduction to offshore bank accounts, credit and debit cards and on-line banking facilities.

Established over 15 years ago, we pride ourselves on offering confidential services tailored to meet our clients individual needs. Often combining tax efficient offshore companies, with on-shore structures and a combination of offshore and on-shore banking facilities, we are able to assist clients from all sectors and countries.

Offshore planning can appear complicated, however our team are here to help unravel the best solutions for you.